The Monster Mechanics Podcast

E8 Centaurs

Scott and Zach dissect and remix the half man and three fourths horse classic, Centaurs.

  1. If a dog wore pants meme
  2. The Jungi Ito story Gyo
  3. A SFW image from the Parasitic Centaur Hentai
  4. We are not linking directly to porn but if you want the whole comic the search terms are "Man Eater by RAKUJIN"
  5. The Carcass Centaur by DerangedMeowMeow
  6. The Mari Lwydd


Hosted by Scott Paladin and Zach Jaquays. Produced and Edited by Scott Paladin. Copyright 2019 Scott Paladin. Find us on Twitter or email us.

Scott Paladin